Clever use of ICT - vision and implementation

Clever use of ICT at Werribee Community Centre

Upon completion of their project, the team was asked to share their vision of a clever use of ICT at their centre. At Werribee Community Centre:
A clever use of ICTs will mean that they won’t stop what they have started; they will continue to build on this foundation.
Some next steps are:

  • professional development for staff
  • develop some guidelines for a consistent approach organisationally to what spaces they are going to use and how
  • trial particular blended learning options with all staff members in the organisation
  • showcase and extend AccessACE project outcomes to all staff
  • review IT needs.
A clever use of ICTs at Werribee could mean the beginning of all sorts of possibilities particularly with online courses. We will investigate the possibility of offering some fee-for-service online courses to develop a funding stream for supporting our core work (literacy ESL etc). This will increase our organisational capacity.

Clever use - what could it look like?

  • They will consolidate what has been put into place and develop it further. The blended approach has been terrific for the students but they will still need intensive teacher support. It has proven to be a great way of introducing aspects of technology to them that they won’t normally use, as many students don’t have computers at home.
  • ICT is no longer just limited to the computer room- theynow take laptops in to the classroom as well.
  • They will be look at using wikis form knowledge management purposes and also to put up documents etc, so that teachers have wider access to forms and documents they need as part of their teaching practice.
  • Thye will investigate how the FFS courses and the more advanced computer courses cna have a greater reach if they offer them with a fully online component as well.
  • They plan offer PD for the teachers of what they have learned so far - theysee this as very important in developing e-learning techniques across the centre.

Key elements

  • Give champions time to develop as well as support other staff.
  • Spend some time showing staff the easy tools to get them started.
  • Pay sessionals to attend these session.
  • Management support in exploring and experiment with e-learning and blended learning approaches is very evident in the organisation. The motivated staff are supported and pass that on to teachers.
  • Teachers do over and above what the centre can afford. A lot of iof the development / research work is done in their own time.
  • Encourage staff to attend the state based conference, and expand it to include more staff. I.e a strategy that will inspire and engage staff .
  • Devise a well developed mentoring approach similar to the ACENET flexible learning network example ( of which WCC was a founding member) which worked very well.


Infrastructure, coping with client demand and ageing equipment are the biggest challenges:
  • WCC is in a growth area - they currently have 2 computer rooms with 11 computers each and they are full to capacity.
  • There is a lack of space and lack of up-to-date equipment, but they do now have some laptops.
  • The network setup is a challenge: for example, they cannot access Live Classroom from the centre because of the firewall issues. This will be addressed in 2008.