Organisational capacity

The local Community established the Werribee Community Centre in 1974 with the assistance of local, State and Federal government funds. It is a Centre that provides an opportunity for all people of Werribee to develop skills, employment opportunities, self-esteem, support and confidence. Some of the programs and activities offered are: English as a second language; adult literacy; vocational skills programs; computer classes; support groups; health and well being classes; visual and performing arts classes; children's art and craft classes; child care; play and activity groups.

A vision for change

E-learning features strongly in the new strategic plan. Priority groups are CALD, youth and people with low level skills. E-learning as a strategy is mentioned at every level for each priority group.
WCC has always been committed in the sense that they have bewen committed to e-learning and ICT in the classroom. This comes from their involvement in a state funded flexible learning network, which was established in 2000. The current manager was a member of that team. The manager has been able to keep the skills and knowledge in the organisation , and is acting as the change agent:
"Had I not returned to the centre at the end of last year and found out that everything was about to move to another online platform, everything would have been lost- all that work that was done years ago!"
In terms of organisational readiness – looking back over the past 12 months they admit they were not ready in terms of having the right people. Now they do. LearnScope and AccessACe provided that impetus.
In terms of capacity to deliver, they are ironing out some technological difficulties. They have discovered that the increased usage of the network stresses the capacity and readiness from an IT perspective, and they will need money to upgrade.
WCC services a huge growth area and there is an increased demand for services. It is only intensifying and it is a challenge for them with no increase in funding in 2008.

Organisational commitment and readiness orgnaisational_reach.jpg

The staff at Werribee were asked to plot themselves on a perspectives continuum that sought to plot their e-learning journey and give us two moments in time - before and after the project. The diagram on the right is a visual representation of the perspectives document and indicates where they placed themselves at the conclusion of their project. (For more information about the research perspectives, visit

Prior e-learning experience

WCC has a long history in e-learning. It started in 2000, when, as a teacher, the now manager was involved in designing materials for the ACENET flexible learning network. When her role later changed to management she acted as a change agent in encouraging teachers to use technology in their teaching and explore an LMS such as TAFE VC.
The ACENET model worked well as there was a person paid to oversee the planning, support and rollout of e-learning in small organisations. WCC feels that ACFE needs to look at appointing someone to oversee and support the integration of e-learning.

Teacher capacity and or teacher readiness

WCC feels that they are at a critical point and they don’t want to lose that momentum – they need to keep it going in 2008, and build on skills and enthusiasm.
The majority of the staff were novices and a bit fearful – after a few PD sessions they have developed wikis for their VCAL students and ESL teachers are using wikis as well.
They know that they need a clear consistent approach - organizationally.There is commitment rom management and they know they need to give clear guidance regarding the spaces WCC intends to use. They agree that they need an e-learning leader.

Blended learning as a business option

WCC sees the user pays area as a future business option. They want to put courses up online to offer to people in the community at large. For the current ACFE clientele the blended approach is the best -they tend to need a lot of support.
Their vocational training courses, such as MYOB, Community and Children’s Services could be put online.
They are looking at TAFE VC as the Learner Management System to support that delivery.