Blended Learning at Werribee Community Centre

Research Question

How do we integrate ICT into our Work Education Course to assist our students that have learning difficulties to achieve their learning outcomes.


9 Students, including adults with a mild intellectual disability and youth at risk, all of whom possess an education level of Year 9 or lower.


Certificate 1 in Work Education
The outcomes assessed in this project included:
  • Participate in Basic Workplace Communication
  • Team-building Skills
  • Numeracy


  • Increase student participation in learning and attendance
  • Increase student interactivity, both on-site and at home
  • Utilising more ICT technologies in Werribee Community Centre
  • Upskilling Werribee Community Centre staff/ teachers


First steps

  1. Organise time to set-up
  2. Research approriate ICT tools.Some sites that were evaulated are:

Setting up the course tools:

  1. Set up wiki space -
  2. Set up blog space -
  3. Set up student email adresses via on-site tutorial -

Preliminary planning

Set-up electronic content & activities ready for download, primarily downloadable pdf files on the wiki.

First class

Online Review questionnaire:
Get instructions from the wiki and link to the on-line tool of
Assessment achieved by the conmpletion of the online review questionnaire
Proof of assessment gained via a printout of the results page of the free online survey tool.



  • Students enjoyed the interactivity.
  • There was always increased attendance in computer classes - The youth took to ICT technologies very easily (as expected) where as the mature students with learning difficulties needed a lot more guidance with the technology as expected. I used mentoring more often, where one young person would mentor one of the mature students, and this worked well.
  • The tools that I chose were appropriate for the task and allowed me to obtain paper based evidence for audit purposes - Cyber Evidence needs to be made just as valid as paper based evidence for audit purposes.
  • It made it easier and more enjoyable for me as well.


On-site - Local.


Increased attendance and participation.


As stated - see achievements.


  • We would like to run a course online, but not for this student cohort.
  • Introduce a learner management system such as TAFE VC.
  • Incorporate the growth of ICT at Werribee Community Centre as part of the overall organisational plan and for the organisation to devote funding for this.
  • Update computer hardware and connection to specific Internet sites.

3 Tips for teachers

  • Funding for time of staff for setup, implementation and evaluation, separate from normal class teaching hours
  • make sure yu have access to up to date computer resources and internet connections that work.
  • Be creative! There are lots of new Web 2.0 tools that look great.