Investment in ACE workforce development

It has been a fabulous process, and we were lucky to have both AccessACE and LearnScope so it has been a wonderful opportunity. The staff and students have benefitted tremendously.
Personally it has been great to see teachers and learners involved in these projects. We did have a profile a few years ago – and it went by the wayside. I feel that we are back on track and that is satisfying. For the young people it had been terrific and it has value added to their learning experience.
Jennie Barrera, CEO Wyndham Community & Education Centre

I have learned so much from having the opportunity to explore Web 2.0 technologies and having the opportunity to integrate some in my teaching - it has been revolutionary and changed my thinking as to how Iteach.
Wayne Burrell, Teacher Werribee

Blended learning @ Werribee

The students in this trial were enrolled in Certificate I in Work Education for 15 hours per week. All had low level literacy and numeracy skills and need development of vocational and employability skills.
The group was a mix of:
  • young disengaged learners not in mainstream education
  • adults with either a mild intellectual disability
  • all students have an educational achievement of Yr 9 or lower.
The particular challenge they faced with this learner group wasthe need for simple web sites using simple language to guide students with varying levels of intellectual disability or learning disability, through the world of Internet and email. In short: to cater for a very diverse clientele within the same classroom. How did they do it? Did it work? Click here to read more...

Clever use of ICT - vision and implementation

At Werribee a clever use of ICTs means that they won’t stop what they have started; they will continue to build on this foundation.
Some next steps that they are condieraing are:
  • professional development for staff
  • develop some guidelines for a consistent approach organisationally to which online spaces they are going to use and how
  • trial particular blended learning options with all staff members in the organisation
  • showcaseand extend AccessACE project outcomes to all staff
  • review IT needs.
What are their challenges? What are the key elements to their success? Click here to read more....

Organisational capacity

WCEC is a Centre that provides an opportunity for all people in Werribee to develop skills, employment opportunities, self-esteem, support and confidence. It is committed to ICTs in its educational delivery, and ICT has been written into their strategic plan for the next three years. What are they planning, what are their challenges? Click here to read more...

Educational reach

Project participants were asked to describe their organisation's educational reach after completingthis project, particularly in relation to the use of clever use of ICTs with their particular learner group and any learner outcomes that impacted on results, reach and retention, as well as the curriculum. WCC has had particular success inthis area. Click here to read more...

Community portrait